Amputation Claims

An accident that results in the traumatic loss of limb can affect all aspects of your life but with the right support, intervention, equipment and facilities, you can lead a full and productive life.

At Medical Compensation Claims we have knowledge of the specialist services you will need to help you get through what may be a hugely traumatic time.

Our emphasis will not only be on recovering compensation but also ensuring that you receive the treatment, rehabilitation and support you need to help you overcome the difficulties that may arise not just in the short term but in the future as well.

We will anticipate and plan for the problems that may occur, sometimes overlooked or not recognised by others such as wear and tear on other parts of the body as a result of overuse due to the loss of the limb. This can necessitate additional treatment and rehabilitation and will often significantly affect the amount of compensation payable.

In the course of the claim, we will address the following issues

  • The need for rehabilitation or retraining
  • The need for prosthetics
  • The need for adaptations to your property
  • The need for specialist equipment
  • The need for care support and assistance
  • The need for private medical treatment and therapy

We will put together a team of experts who will work with us on the claim including

  • Medical specialists
  • Rehabilitation specialists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Prosthetic specialists
  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Psychiatrists
  • IT specialists

When required and when available we will always seek to obtain interim payments of compensation from the Defendant or their Insurer. These we will use to pay for any resources that you require to relieve financial pressures on you and to cover immediate expenses like the cost of providing a prosthesis and/or other equipment or personal care or adapting a property so it is suitable to meet your needs.

We will also try to protect any welfare benefits you receive, by means of a Personal Injury Trust, which cost will come out of any compensation you may recover. We can also provide you with names of Financial Advisors who can assist you the setting up of this trust.

Moreover, we recognise that our involvement doesn't cease when financial compensation is paid and we will remain on hand to ensure that your future is protected by helping you access independent and expert advice on long term financial planning, your entitlement to benefits and crucially ensuring that any equipment, personal care support, medical assistance and therapy you require is maintained so that long term independence and quality of life is protected.

Our aim is to get the best outcome for you not just in terms of compensation but also in terms of helping you adjust to a new life.